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WHF Architectural Control Standards

Standards To Date

General ACC Request:

  • Access and complete the current ACC form from the Spectrum Association Management web page. Log in to your Windy Hill Farms Homeowners Association account > Improvement Request > ACC Improvement Request > Submit ACC Request.
  • A copy of a legal survey detailing with a reasonable hand drawn location of the requested change. This is easiest to obtain from their closing documents. This copy must contain all the build lines and easements.
  • A "BOM" or Bill of Materials for the project.

Patio Covers and Storage Building Example:

  • Same as for the General ACC request noted above for the ACC Request Form and Legal Survey.
  • The BOM for a prefab structure is satisfied with a copy of the store brochure for the product. It must detail the types of materials used for the flooring, the framing, the exterior wall material and the roof decking, as well as their product ratings for structural integrity.
  • For Storage Buildings, the exterior paint color must be specified.
  • For Patio Covers, the types and sizes of the columns and beams (we require cedar or pressure-treated) are required as well.
  • The roofing material (shingles) must conform to our standard - Weathered Wood of any Vendor of at least 30-year durability.

Swimming Pools:

  • Same as for the General ACC request noted above for the ACC Request Form.
  • A copy of a Legal Survey; however, the pool company is required to submit to the City a detailed survey of the pool's location so they can ensure no build line or easements are crossed. This document must be provided to the homeowner by the pool company and is to be sent in with the request as well.
  • The BOM for this type of structure is satisfied by sending in a copy of the contract or project plan with any dollar amounts blacked out. The BOM is usually along one side of those two documents and it details what type of rebar, cement, stone and pumps, etc., will be used to make the pool.
  • If landscaping is also being done, a plant list is required as well and again, all of this information is on one of the drawings provided to the homeowner by the pool company.

Landscaping Changes:

  • Same as for the General ACC request noted above for the ACC Request Form and Legal Survey.
  • The BOM for this type of change is satisfied by making a general list containing the types and quantity of plants, trees and border/edging material for the project.
  • The approximate location of the plants, trees and edging must be sketched by type on the survey using circles and labeling the circles.
  • If the flower beds are being enlarged, the old and new locations must be sketched on the survey as well.
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