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Welcome to the website of the Windy Hill Farms Homeowners Association.

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WHF Documents

HOA Documents

There are several documents pertaining to the HOA that you should have received during the purchase and close on your home. However, several documents are not normally distributed, and are only available at the courthouse. Where possible, we've posted electronic copies of all available documents. The images below are extremely large, and may take several minutes to be downloaded.

The Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws as well as the Covenants and Restrictions below are documents that define how the HOA operates. Every homeowner in Windy Hill Farms signed a PUD Agreement at closing acknowledging these rules.

Any improvement by or on behalf of a homeowner in WHF requires ACC approval BEFORE work on any project begins. When submitting an ACC Request form, please be sure to include a Survey (provided at closing) which details the location, size, a bill of materials, any pertinent specifications, pictures, drawings or any other pertinent document related to a given project. Also please include only ONE project per request form. Special Note: If the ACC and Management company do NOT respond to an ACC request within 15 days, it is up to the HOMEOWNER to request an appointment with the Board of Directors. If no response is given by the Board of Directors after 15 days, the request is approved. See the second to last paragraph in Article VIII Section 19 of the Covenants and Restrictions.

Common Area Documents

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